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 Calling Moms and Dads!  We need your help!  Local shelters are over loaded with wonderful cats and dogs that desprerately need homes.  Recent news reports indicate that there are so many pets in need that they will start being put down for lack of a home.  Woody's would like to help.  Adopt a kitten or cat from the shelter or rescue of your choice and contact us.  Woody's will present your new kitty with a welcome home scratching post as our gift!  Lets go gang save a life and enhance yours by adopting! You can contact the following shelters to start the process
Welcome to Woody's Workshop!  To all of our previous customers welcome back.  For our new friends, just plain welcome!  Please visit the rest of this website to learn about our products and our mission.  Over the last several years we have gone though many changes, the biggest change being our distribution system.  We found that we simply could not run a statewide furniture business and keep customers from Kingman to Tucson happy with timely deliveries.  In addition, we have always been dedicated to helping our shelters and rescues throughout the state..  So...we have instituted a program designed to have your orders delivered directly to your favorite rescue or shelter for pickup.  Once we make your delivery, the shelter or rescue will be awarded a donation check in your name and Woody's Workshop!  Everyone wins!  Your kitty gets their very own  world class furniture, and your favorite organization receives much needed financial assistance.
         NO - BOOKEEPING
                NO -  INVENTORY TO STORE
                NO - PHONE CALLS   
                NO - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                     VISIT OUR "Fundraising" PAGE FOR DETAILS               
Is winter over yet?
Woody's Workshop is happy to support a new rescue in the West Valley, Cat's World Rescue.  This new rescue is a 501C3 with a new 5,000 sq. ft. thrift store full of great bargins.  Now you can purchase our outstanding products right at the thrift store or order a specific product for your favorite feline.  In addition, we'll  have cozy blankets, doggie diners, and tasty snacks for your puppies, all lovingly made by the hands of the students at ACCEL.  Helping our furry friends and helping people, that's what it's all about.  So get out there today and get some great bargins!

                                    Cat's World Rescue
        12002 w 111th Ave Youngtown, AZ